Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How safe is it to shop on-line? 
A. Shopping over the Internet is usually very safe. Like many vendors, we take many specific precautions to ensure shopping on-line at Jean-Pierre-Creations.com is as safe as shopping at your favorite fine retailer.
Q. How can you ensure that my credit card number doesn't get in the  "wrong" hands.  What security measures do you use?

We use only Secure Servers (SSL) to handle ALL parts or your order transaction.  Your credit card information is never transmitted via non-secure e-mail. And even though we will send you an e-mail confirming your order, we will omit all credit card number  information.

Q. I just received my new hairbrush. There's a hole in the cushion—it looks like someone forgot to install some bristles.  
A. Actually, no bristles are missing—the hole is a vent. As you brush your hair, the pneumatic cushion follows the contour of your scalp. The hole is there to allow air to slowly escape from the cushion. 
Q. Is it OK to wash my Jean-Pierre hairbrush in the Washing Machine or Dishwasher?
A. Please Don't! The agitator in your washing machine will cause your hairbrush to break. In the unlikely event it survives the trip through the washing machine, the hot water will certainly cause significant damage.

Dishwashers present other hazards; the hot water combined with the aggressive dish washing detergents will cause irreparable damage, as will the high temperatures during the drying cycle.

Q. The following question hasn't been asked frequently (actually were not sure if it's ever been asked) but it is along the same lines as the previous one and is worth mentioning.

Can I machine dry my Jean-Pierre hairbrush?

A. Never use a clothes dryer, microwave oven, or other appliance to dry your Jean-Pierre hairbrush.  Doing so will cause severe damage to your hairbrush and may also cause damage to your appliance.
Q. Where else can I buy your products?
A. Look for Jean-Pierre products in Hair Styling Salons and fine Department Stores throughout Canada.