About Us

For over 50 years the Jean-Pierre name has been synonymous with the most luxurious hairbrushes in the world.

House of Jean-Pierre, Incorporated  (United States) and Jean-Pierre Créations de Paris, Incorporated (Canada) manufactures, distributes, and sells premium salon quality hairbrushes.   The brushes are manufactured in France to the highest quality standards from the finest material and manufacturing techniques.

Jean-Pierre Creations de Paris, Inc. was founded in Montreal, Canada  in 1963, by "Jean-Pierre", an acclaimed Hair Stylist in Paris and Montreal.  Unable to find a high quality hairbrush that suited both his needs and hair styling technique, namely a hairbrush that was comfortable to hold and easy to control - a brush that gently stimulated the scalp  without producing static, Jean-Pierre began to mentally design his vision of the "ideal" hairbrush.

Having defined his exact needs, he began to search for a company dedicated to quality and and fine workmanship to produce the hairbrush he had envisioned.

After a lengthy search, he met with a hairbrush designer and manufacturer in the French countryside.  Working with the designers, specifications that included the highest quality materials and finest workmanship were defined.  A cushioned format was chosen for its' ability to gently massage the scalp.  Premium First Cut Natural Boar Bristle and White Crystalline Nylon were the materials chosen for the working end of the hairbrush.  The "tufts" of boar bristle, or white nylon (depending on the brush type) were set in the cushion at uneven lengths, allowing the hair to be gently de-tangled and smoothed into place.  The pneumatic cushion, with its' small vent hole, allowed the slow escape of air when depressed.  This action, prevented the brush from being used on the scalp too aggressively.  If too much pressure was applied, the cushion simply responded by "venting" to comply to the contour of the scalp. 

If you're like most people you probably don't think twice when it comes to spending $10 - $20 on superior quality shampoos, conditioners, and the like. We literally spend hundreds of dollars on hair care products designed to make our hair look and feel its best. But most of the hair care products we buy are expendable; they last a month or two, we use them up and we purchase more. We all do this without a second thought-after all, the way our hair looks is key to defining our appearance.

Ironically, for many people, the thought of spending more than ten dollars on a hair brush sounds insane! What possible benefits can there be in using an expensive hair brush, when you can buy a $10 model that does the same thing. You might be surprised!

With frequent use, a premium quality natural boar bristle hair brush can do more to promote healthy, shiny hair than many of the hundreds of shampoos and conditioners available in today's market. And when used in conjunction with a good quality shampoo and conditioner, it's tough to find a tool that offers as much "beauty benefit". Not to mention, that with a life expectancy of approximately 10 to 20 years, a premium quality boar bristle hair brush packs a ton of benefit for well under five dollars a year--a real beauty bargain!


So look around, browse our Product Pages to review individual hair brush specifications or purchase a hair brush on-line via our Secure Server.  If you're not sure which hair brush best suits your needs, visit our Choosing a Brush page for detailed information about which hair brush (or hair brushes) is best suited to your hair type, hair length, and hair styling needs. And if you have any questions about which bristle type would be best for your individual hair type or which model might be best for you, don't hesitate to contact us